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The Healing Tree


The trees are conscious and beneficial entities for the humanity.

You will discover the tree in all the traditions, how the conscience of the trees appears, how we can help the trees, how in return to receive their assistance, to reload us near them.

Many gasolines of trees are studied, with their specific capacities and properties.

Book 15 x 24 - 186 pages

Author : M-Emilia Vannier Publishing : Vannier

Read extracts in french (PDF)

Price of book (Fourth edition 2005) : 20 euros

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In French-speaking - Distribution : D.G. DIFFUSION


History of the tree: With the paddle of the 3rd day a large cosmic tree: the man.

The cosmo-telluric tree antenna. The tree an essential good for all: The tree and air - the tree and water - the tree and ground - the tree and fire - the house censer - innate places. My hidden treasures: Crystal of tree - My gold tears.

The tree in all the traditions: Europe: The tree and concept of refuge - clothing - the hair, forest of the man - the collecting of wood - the expression: I touch wood - the trees guardian angels - the respect of the tree in hunting. Asia: In Mongolia - In China, in Japan - In India. Oceania: In Australia. Africa: My friend: the baobab tree. North America in the south: The Indian heart.

Conscience of the tree: The tree reacts - the tree hears - the tree communicates - the tree and concept of response - the green hand - the tree can be rendered comprehensible - the tempting tree - the tree and the concept of sacrifice - the trees which like - the tree source of sinpiration - the tree, the trick and the espieglery - the tree and loneliness - the work of wood - the sabbot - To cut wood, a symbol - the instruments (the totems, the piles, the arrows, the lances, the cane, the rod or stick of command, the handles).

Assistance with the tree: The large circle of the stones - the transfer of the disease in a stone - the human circle - To magnetize the tree - water instigated - the suggestion - the birds - the prayer. To come into contact with the tree. Manner of behaving. When let us can be practised?

How to receive the assistance of the trees healers: To be cleaned - hollow shafts - the trees separated into two or fourchus - the mission of the internédiaire - perforated trees - straight shafts - trees with nails - trees with stones - trees with wishes - engraved trees - To remove the object - To ask a council - Christmas trees: erbres talismans.

How to reload itself: The stress, tiredness - depresses - the water of tree magnetized - the tree medicine - the Shaman.

Our large trees of being able and their properties. Large Masters of the tradition: The ash - the oak - the GUI - the birch - the elm.

Trees of our tradition: The gorse - the hawthorn - the alder - boxwood - the cedar - the fig tree - the juniper - the beech - the holly - the yew - the bay-tree - ivy - the chestnut tree - the hazel tree - the olive-tree - the poplar - the pine - the apple tree - the sloe - the reed - the fir tree - the sorb - the elder tree - the lime tree - the vine.

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