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I would like this book to pay homage to the beauty and the generosity of our common mother,   the Earth, and I would like her to be honoured by this humble work in its entire expression. I would like you to remember that when running your fingers over these pages, you are stroking the bodies of the trees which have sacrified themselves to tell their story and stories of the whole world. I would like to thank all the trees which have expressed their generosity to me and stirred inspiration in me. I would also like to give my love and affection to all tree-lovers. I would like the Angels to lay this book at God's feet wrapped up with a ribbon of tenderness, a gesture of my love. (Marie Emilia Vannier)


Since you are visiting this site, you certainly have, just like me, a very particular inclination for trees, and you certainly like now and then to go and see the other side of the ordinary reality that life is hiding from you. So I invite you to come and  listen,  with wide open ears, what a tree confided to me. This could start like all beautiful stories : Once upon a time ...  But I can assure you that, to me, this one is even more beautiful because it is quite real.

But first of all I have to say that I was not awaiting this companion. It is while I was sitting at my desk, in front of the blank page, short of words and ideas, that it began to speak to me. Then I just had to let words, impressions and intuitions come to me, and thus THE HEALING TREE was born. I did not expect this aventure, and I feel as if a wind had suddenly blown open a gate on a new land. Through this single experience that I lived, I became aware that we are undoubtedly connected to trees since the mists of time.

I noticed that this way of communicating with them can be found in all traditions, in particular in ours, and I am expounding them at length so that each one can try them out.

Trees also revealed to me the virtues and the exceptional energy capacities they have and which they are able to impart to us for our well being. So it is with pleasure that I invite you into this great and beautiful adventure in the land of trees, by delivering this significant message on behalf of them contained in :


Interview with Marie-Emilia Vannier




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